JK Genkai Koubi: Goui Sounyuu de Bachibachi Niku Anaka

The living club created by Lina was on the verge of being abolished. The reason is that it is not possible to give a club room to an unknown club activity. Shouta, who is also the only member and a childhood friend, has no choice but to quit. Lina, who doesn’t want to let go of the club room where she can do anything, asks Shota to cooperate. Shota, who hasn’t refused Lina’s begging for a long time, promises to cooperate at this time as well. And the idea that Lina came up with is to set up a new sexual activity club with the purpose of solving sexual problems and improving sexual life. Lina immediately tried to solve Shouta’s sexual problems.

J* Genkai Koubi: Goui Sounyuu de Bachibachi Niku Anaka

Japanese : J〇限界交尾 ~合意挿入でバチバチ肉穴化~
Aired : Jun 24, 2022
Studios : Mediabank, King Bee
Duration : 14 min.
Subs : English

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